From Emergency to Emergence


Managing risks of people transition and restructuring of roles, post Covid-19 using digitally augmented human touch.

To re-imagine careers with the heart. 

Act with the mind.

Nourish the spirit.

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Who we are

We are a team of senior business leaders, coaches, consultants from top tier strategy and executive search firms, and technologists, anchored by Leadership By Results. Collectively, we seek to revolutionize how careers are managed by individuals and organisations.

Our Vision: Why we do what we do

Globally we've found that many, including senior leaders, confess to accidentally stumbling upon their careers. It is our resolve to take the accident, out of careers.

Our vision is a world in which leaders live up to their promise, while fulfilling their promises to loved ones.

Our Mission: What we seek to create

Our mission is to revolutionize how careers are managed - by making available the same or better decision support systems, management processes, technology support, and rigor to the management of mid and senior careers, as is available to the very same leaders, in the context of them managing their businesses.

Our Approach, and the Pandemic

Our approach consists of:

  • Building data sets and fact bases to guide mid and senior careers;

  • Provide customized insights through profiling and;

  • Democratize coaching through the use of technology.

The pandemic has created urgency in our mission - to turn the crisis into an opportunity for employers and  employees.

Why should employers care?

People will understand that lay offs and role restructuring are necessary. But how you support transitions, matters. It is a critical risk to manage. 


Lay-offs and restructuring make for juicy press. Ask CureFit and IndiaBullsWhen done well, you earn respect. Ask AirBnB.


All employees are watching. How you treat people determines their focus: Clients, Cash and Creativity. Or CYA.


Stronger the support, stronger the data protection and hand-overs. Your clients can instantly tell the difference. 


Markets bounce back. Those that handled exits with support, enjoy an advantage in talent and consumer markets.


For the person facing re-structuring, the worries are manifold.


Why did this happen to me? Why not the next Joe?


Fewer jobs are being chased by many now. What's my edge? How do I develop the skills they need? 


Does this fundamentally change where I thought I was headed? What do I really want? Should I go do, what I always said I wanted to?


What if I have to make difficult choices, including for the family? Who can I ask for help? How will I look when I do?


How should I reconfigure my personal finances? My Mutual Funds have tanked! I have built a certain lifestyle. What should make way, for what?


I must take care of myself. I need to remain healthy. But I feel bogged down. How do I do it in all of this?

The temptation may be to lobby hard to get connections, and leads. But beware! Spoilt-for-choice employers are looking for more than  functional skills and experience.
They are looking resilience. It comes from razor sharp clarity of life purpose and career road-map.
Equally, those that are retained, but with restructured roles and career paths; or pay-cuts, may be asking themselves:
"Is this what I joined for? Should I stay, or look out?"
You know this. As an employer, you want to be humane and supportive. As an individual, you want to be supported.
But where is the time? Or the big budgets?

The Solution

What if a committed team was available to help - comprising senior business leaders, coaches, consultants from top tier strategy and executive search firms, and technologists?
What if you could get their wisdom, practical advice and personalised tools?
All, for an investment as little as 10-15 days worth of annual CTC?
As a participant, an investment of few hours over 3 weeks to create a 100 Day Action Plan, and support throughout the 100 day custom journey, to build and kickstart a 10 to 15 year roadmap for your life and career?
As an employer, with very little time and bandwidth demanded from you? So we take things off your plate, not add to them. 

100 Day Emergence Journey across five modules

The Participant Journey

This is NOT yet another series of webinars with wisdom. Or a conventional training. It is a customized journey with practical tools that create personalised assets, and open up tangible new pathways for holistic success

For detailed outcomes associated with each package, contact us!


Core Team

Rajen Makhijani

Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Author & Screenwriter

Ex McKinsey, Dalberg and Heidrick in Singapore, and ex Country Director University of Chicago's Tata Centre for Development, and ECS in India. He is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta, with 20 years experience

Keyur Shah

Consultant and Business Operations

Held senior positons at GENPACT, Cognizant, WNS and ECS. Keyur started his career with Hindustan Unilever. He is an alumnus of IMT Ghaziabad, and founder of KKonsult with 23 years of experience

Sujata Deshmukh

Consultant and Facilitator

Founder of Tutul Consulting, and ex CEO of OD Alternatives, Principal at Heidrick & Struggles, and ECS India. She is an alumnus of XLRI Jamshedpur with 23 years of experience.

Savitra Sirohi


Ex-Citibanker, and a serial entrepreneur; including co-founder of Xpertifi. He is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta and has 20 years of work experience.


Dr. Shalini Sarin

Independent Director & Chair

NED for Linde India, Kirloskar Oil Engines, Meritor HVS India, and Chair for the Centre for Clean Energy, Plaksha University; ex-Global HR Head for Philips Lighting, ex-CHRO of Schneider India

Steve Stine

Ex APAC MD in Executive Search, Founder & Host

Director Asia Corporate Leadership Council, Founder & CEO of Inside Asia Advisors, Founder & Host Inside Asia Podcast, 12 years in leadership roles with global executive search firms with expertise in Technology, Private Equity and Board/Advisory.

Thaddeus Lawrence

Trainer, Author, Athelete

Founder, Runaway Success Learning Practice based in Singapore. He is successfully completed 1,000 kms in a footrace through the Sahara, Gobi, Atacama and Antarctica.

Neha Sharma

Executive Search

Senior Director and Practice Leader, Impact practice at Executive Access and former staffing leader at GE Capital


We have done this before

From data backed algorithmic career simulations to executive coaching with a focus on self discovery, purpose and direction, the team has extensive experience working with hundreds of leaders, across the modules outlined in e2e. 


The pandemic has underscored the need to bring it all together in an integrated digitally enabled offering. 


A brief glimpse of the Founder & Anchor Rajen Makhijani's experience is provided. 

Hear from 12 CEOs from across Asia & Africa about the impact of the Founder Rajen's work with them on Self Discovery

Watch Rajen's TEDx talk at NTU Singapore, on Re-discovering the Self; surprising insights from unconventional journeys by him across different careers and contexts (200,000+ views)

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